Stat 213: Slides


2/05: Introduction (1 slide per page, 3 slides w/ notes)
* Note: I skipped slides 11-19
2/07: Modeling (1 slide per page, 3 slides w/ notes)
* Fixed some typos

2/09: Linear Models (1pp, 3pp)
2/12-2/16: Transformations and Influential Points (1pp, 3pp)
2/19: Regression Inference (1pp, 3pp)
2/21: Confidence and Prediction Bands (1pp, 3pp)
2/23-2/26: Multiple Regression I (1pp, 3pp)
2/28: Assessment in MLR (1pp, 3pp)
3/02-3/05: Indicator Variables and Nested Model Comparison (1pp, 3pp)
3/07: Multi-Category Variables (1pp, 3pp)
3/09-3/12: Polynomials and Interactions (1pp, 3pp)
3/12-3/14: Multicollinearity (1pp, 3pp)
3/26-3/28: Model Selection I (1pp, 3pp)
3/30: Model Selection II (1pp, 3pp)
4/4-4/9: Logistic Regression I (1pp, 3pp)
4/9-4/11: Logistic Regression II (1pp, 3pp)
4/13-4/16: Multiple Logistic Regression I (1pp, 3pp)
4/18-4/20: Model Selection in Logistic Regression (No slides; see example code)
4/23: One Way ANOVA I [Updated 4/23] (1pp, 3pp)
4/25-4/27: Multiple Comparisons (1pp, 3pp)
4/30: Two Way ANOVA I (1pp, 3pp)
5/02: Two Way ANOVA II (1pp, 3pp)
5/04-5/07: Interaction Models (1pp, 3pp)