STAT 213 (Summer 2021): Approximate Schedule


The following is a tentative schedule of what we will cover in class when. Check this space regularly for updates.
Readings listed should be completed before the start of class on the date indicated.

Last update: 06-20-21

Date Topics Readings Relevant SLOs Assignments
M 5/24 Intro; What is a Model?
W 5/26 The Modeling Process Ch. 0 A1
F 5/28 Lab (on Zoom): Intro to R/RStudio HW1 posted
M 5/31 NO CLASS (Memorial Day)      
W 6/02 The Modeling Process, Cont’d Ch. 0 A1
F 6/04 Lab: Intro to R/Rstudio Continued HW1 due, HW2 posted
M 6/07 Simple Linear Regression (SLR) Ch. 1.1-1.3 A1 Quiz1 posted
W 6/09 SLR: Fit, Assess, Use Ch 1.1-1.3 B1 Quiz1 due
F 6/11 Lab: Simple Linear Regression A1, B1 HW2 due, HW3 posted
M 6/14 Leverage, Outliers, and Transformation Ch. 1.4-1.5 B2 Quiz2 posted
W 6/16 Inference in SLR Models Ch. 2.1-2.3 C1 Quiz2 due
F 6/18 Lab: Transformation and Inference B2,C1,C2 HW3 due, HW4 posted
M 6/21 Multiple Linear Regression Ch. 3.1 A2 Quiz3 posted
W 6/23 Assessing MLR Models Ch. 3.2 B1 Quiz3 due
F 6/25 Lab: Indicator Variables Ch. 3.3 A2 HW4 due, HW5 posted
M 6/28 Indicators, Nested Tests Ch. 3.6 A2,C3,D1 Quiz4 posted
W 6/30 Variables with 3+ categories Ch. 4.4 A2 Quiz4 due
F 7/02 Lab: Polynomials and Interactions Ch. 3.4 A3 HW5 due, HW6 posted
M 7/05 NO CLASS (Independence Day)      
W 7/07 Polynomials and Interactions cont’d Ch. 3.4 A3
F 7/09 Lab: (Multi-)Collinearity Ch. 3.5 B3 HW6 due, EXAM1 posted
M 7/12 Multi-Collinearity cont’d Ch. 3.5 B3 EXAM1 due
W 7/14 Penalized Fit Measures Ch. 4.2 D2 PROJECT1 posted
F 7/16 Lab: Cross-Validation Ch. 4.2 D3
M 7/19 Logistic Regression I Ch. 9.1 E1-E3 Quiz5 posted
W 7/21 Probability, Odds and Log Odds Ch. 9.2 E1-E3 Quiz5 Due
F 7/23 Lab: Logistic Regression Ch. 9.1-9.2 E1-E3 PROJECT1 due,
M 7/26 Inference in Logistic Regression Ch. 9.3-9.4 E1-E3 Quiz6 posted
W 7/28 Single Logistic Regression Wrap-Up Ch. 9.3-9.4 E1-E3 Quiz6 due
F 7/30 Lab: Multiple Logistic Regression Ch. 10.1-10.2 A2,C3,D1 HW7 posted
M 8/02 Multiple Logistic Regression II Ch. 10.3-10.4 A2,C3,D1 Quiz7 posted
W 8/04 Logistic Regression Wrap-Up Chs 9-10, 11.2 E1-E3,A2,C3,D1 Quiz7 due, PROJECT2 posted
F 8/06 Lab: One-Way ANOVA Ch. 5.1 F1 HW7 due
M 8/09 One-Way ANOVA Ch. 5.1-5.3 F1,F2 Quiz8 posted
W 8/11 Multiple Testing and “p-hacking” Ch. 5.4, 7.2 F2 Quiz8 due
F 8/13 Lab: One-Way ANOVA practice Ch. 5,7.2,7.5 F1-F5 PROJECT2 due
M 8/16 Two-Way ANOVA I Ch. 6.1 F1-F5
W 8/18 Two-Way ANOVA II Ch. 6.1 F1-F5 EXAM2 posted
F 8/20 Lab: Interaction Models Ch. 6.2-6.3 F1-F5 EXAM2 due
M 8/23 Wrap-Up review