STAT 339 (Spring 2020): Homework

Current Assignment

HW7 (Optional): Clustering (Due Alongside the Final Project)

Upcoming Assignments

Final Project Proposals (Due Thursday 01/06)

HW7: Scope TBD (Due Friday 1/14/22)

Final Project Presentations and Writeup (Due Sunday 01/23 by 2 P.M.)

Past Homework Assignments

Week 1: Preliminaries (do by Wednesday 10/6)

HW0: Optional Warmup Assignment (Due Wednesday 10/13 by 11:59 P.M.)

HW1: Classification and Cross-Validation (Due Wednesday 10/20 by midnight)

HW2: Linear Regression (Due Wednesday 10/27 by 11:59 P.M.)

HW3: Probability Basics (Due Sunday 11/7)

HW4: Probability Coding and Maximum Likelihood (Due Sunday 11/14)

HW5: Bayesian Inference Fundamentals (Due Sunday 12/06)

Takehome Exam: Fundamentals of Learning, Probability, and Bayesian Inference (Due Monday night 12/13)

HW6: Belief Networks (Due Friday 1/7/22)