Stat 215: Slides


(8/29-8/31) 00: Overview of Modeling
(8/31-9/5) 001: Data Collection
(9/12) 002a: Hypothesis Testing I
(9/14 and 9/19) 002b: Hypothesis Testing II
(9/15 and 9/19) 002c: Hypothesis Testing III
(9/21) 002d: Confidence Intervals I
(9/26) 002e: Misc. Inference Wrap-up
(9/28-9/29) 002f: Analytic Approximations
(10/5) 002g: Analytic Approximations II
(10/6) 01a: Modeling, Linear Regression
(10/10-10/12) 01b: Transformations and Influential Points
(10/13) 02a: Regression Inference
(10/24) 02b: Regression Intervals
(10/26) 03a: Multiple Regression I
(10/27) 03b: Multiple Regression II
(10/31-11/2) 03c: Polynomials and Interactions
Polynomials and Interaction Demo w/ 3D Plots
(11/3) 03e: Model Selection
(11/7) 03f: Model Selection II
Model Selection Example Script
(11/7) 03g: Multicollinearity
(11/9-11/10) 09a: Logistic Regression I
(11/14) 09b: Logistic Regression II
Script for Plotting Confidence Bands w/ Logistic Regression
Function for Plotting Confidence Bands w/ Logistic Regression
(11/16) 10: Multiple Logistic Regression
Model Selection Example Script for Logistic Regression
(11/17) 05a: One Way ANOVA I
(11/21) 05b: Multiple Comparisons
(11/28) 05c: Controlling Familywise Error Rate
(11/30-12/1) 06a: Two-Way ANOVA