Stat 113: Slides


00: Introduction (8/29)
01a: Cases and Variables (8/29)
01b: Sampling, Confounding, Study Design (8/31-9/5)
02a: Categorical Data (9/7)
02b: Quantitative Data: Shape and Center (9/12)
02c: Variability (9/14 and 9/19)
02d: Correlation I (9/15)
02e: Correlation II (9/19)
02f: Regression I (9/21)
02g: Regression II (9/26)
03a: Parameter Estimation (9/28)
03b: Confidence Intervals (10/3)
04a: Hypothesis Testing I (10/5)
04b: Hypothesis Testing II (10/10-10/12)
04c: Testing for a Difference Between Groups (10/13) (no slides; see handout)
04f: Mid-term Review (10/24)
04g: Testing Association (10/26)
04h: Intervals and Tests / Tests of One Mean (10/31)
05a: Normal Distributions (11/02)
05b: Standard Normals (11/03)
Code from in-class examples from 11/3 (CI example,HT example)
06a: Analytic Inference for One Group (11/07)
06b: Analytic Inference for Two Groups (11/09)
06c: Paired Samples (11/14-11/16)
Note: I didn’t show the paired samples slides in class; we just discussed the handout here, solutions to the computational part of which are in this R script. But I have provided a few summary slides for your reference.
09a: Analytic Inference: Regression (11/17)
Power and Effect Size (11/21)
07a: Chi-squared Goodness of Fit Tests (11/28; handout, slides, demo code)
07b: Chi-squared Test of Association (11/30-12/1; handout, slides)
08a: Comparing Multiple Means (12/1-12/5; handout, slides)