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Inference Using Simulation
Inference Using Analytic Approximations

Slides and In-Class Handouts (Spring 2022)

02/18-02/21: Introduction
02/18: Misleading Statistics Handouts
* Part I
* Part II)

02/21-02/23: Cases and Variables

02/23-02/25: Sampling and Measurement Bias

02/28-03/02: Confounding Variables
* Part 1 (pdf, Google form)
* Part 2 (pdf, Google form)
* Part 3 (pdf, Google form)

03/02-03/04: Randomization and Confounding Variables
03/07: Categorical Variables I
03/09-03/11: Categorical Variables II
03/11-03/14: Quantitative Data I: Center and Shape
03/14-03/16: Quantitative Data II: Variability (IQR and Box Plots)
03/16-03/18: Quantitative Data III: Variability (Standard Deviation and z-scores)
03/18-03/21: Scatterplots and Correlation
03/23-03/25: Linear Regression I
03/25-03/28: Linear Regression II
03/28-03/30: Inferential Statistics I: Parameters and Statistics
04/01-04/11: Confidence Intervals I: Basic Concepts
04/13-04/15: Confidence Intervals II: Bootstrap Resampling
04/15-04/18: Confidence Intervals III: Miscellaneous Topics
04/18-04/20: Hypothesis Testing I: Null and Alternative Hypotheses
04/22: Hypothesis Testing II: The World According to the Skeptic
04/22-04/25: Hypothesis Testing III: Statistical Significance
04/25-04/27: Hypothesis Testing IV: False Discoveries and Missed Discoveries
04/27-04/29: Hypothesis Testing V: Error Rates and Power
04/29-05/02: Hypothesis Testing VI: Nondirectional Tests
05/04-05/09: Normal Distributions
05/11: Analytic Inference: One Proportion
05/12-05/13: Analytic Inference: Difference of Proportions
05/13-05/16: Analytic Inference III: One Mean
05/18: Analytic Inference IV: Difference of Means
01/12: Effect Size

Archived Slides (Fall 2021)

Practice Questions For Exam 2

* This is a set of slides with a bunch of "fill in the blank" questions about statistical inference, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests
* My answers to the questions are revealed as you advance the slides
* Try to answer each one on your own first, then check your answer against mine
* There are multiple correct ways to word many of the answers

12/17: Standard Normal Distribution

01/10-01/12: Chi-Squared Tests of Goodness of Fit / Association
01/14: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) I
12/03-12/04: Regression Inference

Concept Maps