STAT 113: Tentative Schedule of Topics


The following is a tentative schedule of what we will cover in class when. Check this space regularly for updates.
Readings listed should be completed either by the start of class on the date indicated or very soon thereafter.

Last update: 01-15-21

Date Topics Readings Assignment Due
  WEEK 1 (8/31-9/04)    
Monday Class Intro/Logistics
Video Lecture Data and Variables; Sampling 1.1-1.2
Lab R/RStudio Basics I    
Friday Class Confounding Variables 1.3 Q0, DQ1
  WEEK 2: 9/07-9/11    
Monday Class NO CLASS (Labor Day)   WP1, HW1
Video Lecture Observational vs Experimental Design 1.3  
Lab R/RStudio Basics II    
Friday Class Categorical Data I 2.1 DQ2, Q1
  WEEK 3: 9/14-9/18    
Monday Class Categorical Data II 2.1 WP2, HW2
Video Lecture Quantitative Data: Center, Shape 2.2  
Lab Importing Data    
Friday Class Quantitative Data: Variability 2.3 WP3, Q2
  WEEK 4: 9/21-9/25    
Monday Class Quantitative Data: Variability 2.4 WP4, HW3
Video Lecture Correlation 2.5  
Lab Categorical and Quantitative Data    
Friday Class Simple Linear Regression I 2.6 DQ3, Q3
  WEEK 5: 9/28-10/02    
Monday Class NO CLASS (Yom Kippur)   WP5, HW4
Video Lecture Simple Linear Regression II 2.6  
Lab Correlation and Regression    
Friday Class Simple Linear Regression III 2.6 DQ4, Q4
  WEEK 6: 10/05-10/09    
Monday Class Inferential Statistics I 3.1 HW5
Video Lecture Inferential Statistics II 3.1  
Lab Sampling Distributions    
Friday Class Confidence Intervals I 3.2-3.3 DQ5, EXAM 1
  WEEK 7: 10/12-10/16    
Monday Class Confidence Intervals II 3.3-3.4 WP6, HW6
Video Lecture Confidence Intervals III 3.1-3.4  
Lab Confidence Intervals    
Friday Class Hypothesis Testing I: Null and Alternative Hypotheses 4.1 DQ6, Q5
  WEEK 8: 10/19-10/23    
Monday Class Hypothesis Testing II: The World According to the Null Hypothesis 4.2 WP7, HW7
Video Lecture Hypothesis Testing IIIa: Statistical Significance 4.3  
Lab Hypothesis Testing    
Friday Class Hypothesis Testing IIIb: Uncertainty 4.4 DQ7, No Quiz
  WEEK 9: 10/26-10/30    
Monday Class Hypothesis Testing IIIc: Error Rates and Power 3.1-4.4 WP8, HW8
Video Lecture Hypothesis Testing IV: Two-Tailed Tests 4.5  
Lab Tests to Compare Two Groups    
Friday Class Connections: Intervals and Tests 4.1-4.5 Q6
  WEEK 10: 11/02-11/06    
Monday Class Intervals and Tests Cont’d; Review Ch. 4 DQ8, HW9
Video Lecture Normal Distributions 5.1-5.2  
Friday Class Review Chs 3-4
  WEEK 11: 11/09-11/13    
Sunday Videos Inference Using Standardized Statistics 5.2
Monday Class Analytic Tests and Intervals: Single Proportion 6.1 DQ9, DQ10, EXAM 2
Wednesday Class Analytic Tests and Intervals: Difference of Proportions 6.3
Video Lecture Analytic Tests and Intervals: Single Mean 6.2  
Video Lecture Analytic Tests and Intervals: Difference of Means 6.4  
Friday Class Analytic Tests and Intervals: Paired Samples 6.5 WP9, DQ11
  WEEK 12: 11/16-11/20    
Monday Class Analytic Tests and Intervals: Review 6.1-6.5 HW10
Video Lecture Power and Effect Size  
Lab Tests With Non-Binary Categorical Data  
Friday Class Testing Associations Between Categorical Variables 7.1 Q7
  WEEK 13: 11/23-11/27    
Monday Class Chi-Squared Tests 7.2 HW11, Project Proposal
W-F NO CLASS (Thanksgiving)    
  WEEK 14: 11/30-12/04    
Monday Class One-Way Analysis of Variance 8.1
Video Lecture One-Way Analysis of Variance 8.1  
Lab One-Way Analysis of Variance    
Friday Class Pairwise Comparisons 8.2
  WEEK 15: 12/07    
Monday Class Wrap-Up/Review   HW12
Saturday 12/12 Final Exam and Final Project for 9am section due at 4pm    
Monday 12/14 Final Exam and Final Project for 10am section due at 4pm